Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 78: Taking it upstairs

I spent most of the weekend on the upstairs demolition while Es worked down below - first, taking out all the plumbing (meaning, sadly, no more toilet or shower at the house) and then starting the slow task of splitting rocks. (More on rock splitting in the post below. For those not reading Norwegian, we need to split some big rocks in the former crawlspace so that we can remove them. In addition, we will split some of the rocks that hold up the outer walls of the house, so that they do not protrude into the house. This way we can lower the floors a little. Es found an wedge set online. He drills holes into the rocks, inserts the wedges, and then taps down a peg into each with a sledgehammer until the rock splits. It's pretty amazing how simple and effective it is. But it is slow work). 

There weren't any pictures of the upstairs hallway on the announcement photos, so below are some "before" and "after" pictures. 

BEFORE: Laundry room

BEFORE: looking into the hallway from the bedroom
(As you go through the door, the laundry room is on the left 
and the bathroom on the right)

BEFORE (just barely): Upstairs hallway with entrance 
to laundry room on right


The plan is to have the future hallway in this space where the laundry room used to be, with an open "gallery" that looks down to the floor below. We're also now thinking to have 2 small bedrooms upstairs along with a large bath/laundry room, and have the "master bedroom" downstairs. But the goal for now is just to clear out the floor completely and then pretty much forget about it. The first floor gets priority when it comes to rebuilding. 

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