Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 71: Just surreal

We accomplished so much this weekend. It started on Friday afternoon when Es rented a jackhammer and started on the cement floor in the back bedroom. Most of Saturday was spent with Es at the jackhammer and me hauling out as much cement and rock as I could manage with two hands and a couple soft plastic buckets (like this one - they are incredibly practical to have around). We went on to pull out all the floor beams on the ground level and start clearing out the knubb, brick, and rock that littered the crawl space. Today I continued with the clearing (making a very nice rock pile in the process) while Es took out the rest of the floor construction in the entryway. We wrapped up the weekend by starting in on the upstairs. Yes, the upstairs is now officially part of the renovation project. And it's probably worth mentioning that we are now completely rethinking the future layout of the house. It was bound to happen. 

You can see in the photos directly above/below that the partition 
walls are gone - mostly (Es pulled them down earlier in the week)

With the floor gone, the house looks completely surreal. We keep joking about building a fire pit in the middle of the living room. Throwing up a tent in the former bedroom. It's hard to believe that from the outside, the house still looks like this:

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