Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 64: Slacking

This weekend was not very productive, but we have a couple things to show for ourselves. First, we pulled up the kitchen floor. We found the ground filled with big, cut rocks, the purpose of which we can only speculate about. We also found the base beam that sits under what used to be the outer wall of of the kitchen (bunnsvill) is rotten. It's the same story in the beams under the existing outer walls. Overall, not a good find. These were not something we were planning on having to replace. Finally, we cut all the wood removed from the floor over the last two weekends so that it fits in the van/trailer and can be (reluctantly) dumped.* And when I say we, I mean "I" as in me - Liz. Yes, I picked up a circular saw for the first time on Saturday and cut that wood like it was second nature. (As you might tell, I'm quite proud of this). And since I managed to do the job and still have all 10 digits, I think it was a success. 

Below are some pics from today.

(It was obviously too much of a pain to remove this bit of outer 
panelling before filling the floor with concrete) 

* It pains us a little to dump so much wood that could perhaps be reused in the rebuilding process. However, it would need a lot of refinishing work to be rendered into useable material, and neither of us is too inspired to commit to that job. We have, however, saved the majority of ceiling panels and hope to reuse those. 

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