Sunday, February 5, 2012

Window shopping

Instead of working on the house this weekend, we went for a nice long drive in the countryside to pick up some "new" windows.

(Photo from the announcement)

The windows are in the "Swiss style" and are (thought to be) from the early 1900's. They measure 109cm wide x 149cm high. We bought seven. Four are planned to go along the front wall of the living room, replacing the two wide windows currently in place (our intention is to recreate the original look of the house). One is planned on the south wall of the living room where currently there is not a window, but it seems a window was there at one time. Finally, one is planned for the front bedroom downstairs and one for the upstairs bedroom, both of which are also on the south side of the house.  So, basically, we hope to have these windows where you see orange boxes below. However, considering we are a long way from being ready to actually install windows, these plans could change...

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