Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 36: Defrosting

Our full energy (outside of our full time jobs) has not been put into the house these past two weeks, but some progress is still being made. It was unreasonably cold last weekend (-15° C on 4 February). The worst of the cold was not unbearable working conditions. Unfortunately, we also had a water pipe burst from frost. It created more mess than damage, thankfully (what's to damage, really, when the place is already gutted?). We picked up an industrial dehumidifier to help suck out the moisture (for the water that did not drain into our backyard, creating our own little skating rink), and it seems to be working great. We're now back to the +/- 5 range, and that will make it easier to pick up the pace a little come next week (fingers crossed). 

Here's some photos from today.

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