Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 50: Finally through the floors

The ceiling panels are now completely pulled down throughout the ground level, the sawdust removed, and the boards cleaned of nails and stacked neatly in the garage. With this accomplished, we've started pulling up the floorboards. They aren't worth saving (most of them are rotten), so the work goes fast. We managed to clear the living room and made our way down through to the crawlspace. It's pretty exciting. These pictures are all taken from today.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 43: Up to our ankles in sawdust

Apparently, sawdust was once a popular insulation material. Our ceilings are packed with it and a brief inspection today supports that it's in the ground floor as well. I've seen a number of discussion board comments about rodent/insect problems and sawdust insulation, but we've found no evidence of infestation this far. (We did find two pieces of bone today, but both were too big to be a rodent - not that this is necessarily comforting). It is dry and very light. We've been shoveling it into large garbage bags to remove it. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 36: Defrosting

Our full energy (outside of our full time jobs) has not been put into the house these past two weeks, but some progress is still being made. It was unreasonably cold last weekend (-15° C on 4 February). The worst of the cold was not unbearable working conditions. Unfortunately, we also had a water pipe burst from frost. It created more mess than damage, thankfully (what's to damage, really, when the place is already gutted?). We picked up an industrial dehumidifier to help suck out the moisture (for the water that did not drain into our backyard, creating our own little skating rink), and it seems to be working great. We're now back to the +/- 5 range, and that will make it easier to pick up the pace a little come next week (fingers crossed). 

Here's some photos from today.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Window shopping

Instead of working on the house this weekend, we went for a nice long drive in the countryside to pick up some "new" windows.

(Photo from the announcement)

The windows are in the "Swiss style" and are (thought to be) from the early 1900's. They measure 109cm wide x 149cm high. We bought seven. Four are planned to go along the front wall of the living room, replacing the two wide windows currently in place (our intention is to recreate the original look of the house). One is planned on the south wall of the living room where currently there is not a window, but it seems a window was there at one time. Finally, one is planned for the front bedroom downstairs and one for the upstairs bedroom, both of which are also on the south side of the house.  So, basically, we hope to have these windows where you see orange boxes below. However, considering we are a long way from being ready to actually install windows, these plans could change...

Hiding beneath the floorboards

Pulling up floors and pulling down ceiling panels made for some fun finds this week at Sg13. 

("This floor made by John S. on September 20, 1962"
- found under the parquet floor in the living room)

And saving the best for last...