Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 8: Demolition in full swing

This week has primarily been spent ripping up (and down) layer after layer of flooring, ceiling, and wall covering. I think we pulled up 3 layers of flooring in the kitchen, and as many layers of paneling on the ceiling and walls. In the process we've uncovered an old door that leads from the hallway into the kitchen. We've also found about 10cm of extra ceiling height, which is a very welcome surprise. We've now gotten down to the raw walls in most of the kitchen and are nearly there on the ceiling. The same process has been started in the front living rooms.

Also this week, tetanus booster shots for both Es and I. First, Es stepped on a nail (went right through his shoe). Today, I went to catch a plank and ended up with a nail puncture in my arm. There are nails in everything we pull down, and they are difficult to avoid. 

Front hallway, with new opening to kitchen

Kitchen, looking towards living room. New opening to hallway is on the left.

Kitchen, looking through the new opening to hallway

Kitchen wall, where sink used to be. Raw "knubb" and brick.

Kitchen wall, where sink used to be. Raw "knubb" and brick.

Kitchen, looking towards veranda

Front living room, door is into the kitchen

Front living room (looking at the corner where the fireplace used to sit)

Partitian wall in front living room... and what we think is the original wallpaper

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