Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 16: Making progress

Pulling down wall coverings and ripping up floors remained the focus of this week. It looks horrible in the house right now. As if it could never be livable. But honestly, it is really rejuvenating to pull down/out all the crumbling, dirty layers of bygone facades. When we do (eventually) get around to the rebuilding, we'll know what's in our walls. It won't be layers of disintegrating wallpaper, crumbling plaster, potato sacks, and old rags. And that is a good feeling.

From one side of the front living room, looking through to 
the other side. All wall paneling is down and in the van,
ready to be dumped! We are down to the last layer of wall covering -
the crumbling chalk plaster/original wallpaper.

Our current heating solution downstairs
(OK, some paneling remains)

Looking into the front bedroom. We finally got the last layer of vinyl
flooring up. Took down all wall paneling and took out the door.
Tore down a section of the knubb wall (on the right side of the door) that was 
precariously loose. Actually, we're liking the idea of a big, double 
door here, and have reconsidered making this room a library/study(/guestroom)
so that it is more integrated with the living rooms.

Got down to the bare knubb in the other side of the front living room.
The chalk plaster makes a huge, dusty mess! But it's pretty
easy to get down (raking over it with a crow bar works rather well).

Looking through to the entrance way/hallway from the kitchen. 
We tore out another section of wall here that was literally hanging 
from the ceiling without floor support. Some of the wall is planned to be 
replaced. Got around to taking out the downstairs bathroom this 
weekend (it used to be where you see the window)

Side view of the former downstairs bathroom

From the entrance way, looking into the front living room

The kitchen annex - this was the newest part of the house 
(built in 2004). It is filled in with layered small fill, styrofoam, and 
concrete, as we hope to do throughout the ground floor. 
Had to pull it up though so that we can make it level with the rest 
of the house, and integrate the planned floor heating. Thanks to
Es' dad for working the jackhammer all weekend to get us here!

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