Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Before" Before - Pictures from the real estate ad

Here are some sloppy screen shots of the real estate announcement for Sverres gate 13 on Enough to get an idea of what the house looked like before we took it over and started renovations.

The big renovation planned is to pull up all the floors on the ground level, fill in the crawl space under the house so that the foundation is solid and we have infrastructure for floor heating, re-work some of the room arrangements, then re-do the flooring throughout so that it is all the same. The second story is mostly OK for the time being (the bathroom is pretty "blah," but we'll probably have to deal with it for a while). Just some superficial work is planned.  We are hoping to do most of the work ourselves.

Edited in early Feb to add: Ha!  Only one month into the project and we have already dreamed up a number of new changes both downstairs and upstairs. At this point, most anything goes (within the confines of our budget and sanity)! 

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