Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 134: Nearly empty

A 3-day weekend + 2 pairs of extra hands on Saturday = a nearly cleared out house! 

 Above is the "old bedroom," cleared of dirt/sawdust. The old part of the kitchen is to the right.

 The two photos above are of the far side of the living room, under the heaters (as shown below). 
It was filled with nice, dark soil that will hopefully make its way into a kitchen garden eventually. It has been dug out down to the bedrock here, although it doesn't look like it.

Above is the back bedroom. It was filled with rocks of all sizes. The big rocks on the right side of the picture are the bedrock. The rocks on the left side of the photo are still kind of cemented together. 
The door on the top middle leads out to the kitchen annex.

Above is the kitchen annex. It was filled with gravel. The mound under the walkway seems 
to be a base for a staircase. Perhaps this was the old entryway. 

 Above is a new pile created this weekend... gravel from the kitchen.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 115: Finally, something worth sharing

It hasn't been a completely unproductive few weeks since our last post, but progress has been slow. Finally, this weekend we managed to get in a couple solid days of work. And thanks to some (much appreciated) help from Es' parents, we have something worth sharing today.

In the two photos above you can see the concrete base that Es made for the chimney. Also notice the floors... they are clean! (As clean as bedrock can get with a shovel and a utility broom.) Es' mom and I cleared out the dirt/sawdust/rocks(/old shoes/bones/broken glass) from the kitchen and most of the living room (see below). Where did all that dirt go, you ask? See the "Piles" post below.

Above is the "old bedroom." It still needs to be cleaned out. Below is the "new bedroom" at the back of the house. Es and his dad cleared out a lot of the rock/cement, creating yet another pile in the yard. The photo just doesn't give justice to the amount of work that went in here.

Below are a couple photos from upstairs. Es pulled up the top layer of flooring and the remainder of the plumbing. We're now down to just one layer of wood, or nothing in some areas. We think it will stay like this for a while now.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 93: Lofty spaces and rock piles (Påske på Apenesfjellet)

Five full days of work (thanks to Easter holiday) and lots of extra help around the house (thanks to Es' parents) leave us with two big things to share this week. First, the second floor of Sg13 is cleared, save the floor. Second, all the big rocks on the ground floor have been split and are now in the garden. It was a long stretch of work, exhausting and filthy, but totally worth every sweat bead and tear (from my side, of course. I shed a few when I thunked my head so hard into a beam that I was sure I lost a tooth). Below are some photos from today. 


Above: The first two photos are looking into what was formerly the bedroom. The third towards the skylight that was in the former bathroom. The last two are looking towards the staircase, where there was a hallway in between the utility room (on the left) and bathroom (on the right). We removed everything, including the attic, right down to the actual roof paneling. Well, everything except for a small paneled wall in the corner of the former bedroom that holds the fuse box, which will be moved downstairs, eventually. There was some more sawdust in one half of the attic. But most of the mess up here was from the thick, black dust that had collected in the attic and between the roof paneling and the first layer of inside paneling. So happy to be rid of that.

Below: The photos I took inside the house just don't do justice to the work that Es and his dad did downstairs. They cleared out every rock in the kitchen and living rooms that are not holding up walls. Big rocks. Big, heavy rocks. This is the impressive rock pile that they created in the yard.

With all the rocks out of the kitchen it became obvious that really nothing much is holding up the chimney. So, Es has started preparing to fill it in with concrete. He put in reinforcement rods and built a box (out of the old bathroom wall panelling) to fill in. We were quite excited because this is the first act of rebuilding to take place at the house.

The demolition phase of this project is so close to being complete. We still have to remove the floors on the second floor and clear the dirt/small rocks out of the first floor. This could take another month or more, of course. But it feels like there is finally some light at the end of this dirty, dusty tunnel. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 78: Taking it upstairs

I spent most of the weekend on the upstairs demolition while Es worked down below - first, taking out all the plumbing (meaning, sadly, no more toilet or shower at the house) and then starting the slow task of splitting rocks. (More on rock splitting in the post below. For those not reading Norwegian, we need to split some big rocks in the former crawlspace so that we can remove them. In addition, we will split some of the rocks that hold up the outer walls of the house, so that they do not protrude into the house. This way we can lower the floors a little. Es found an wedge set online. He drills holes into the rocks, inserts the wedges, and then taps down a peg into each with a sledgehammer until the rock splits. It's pretty amazing how simple and effective it is. But it is slow work). 

There weren't any pictures of the upstairs hallway on the announcement photos, so below are some "before" and "after" pictures. 

BEFORE: Laundry room

BEFORE: looking into the hallway from the bedroom
(As you go through the door, the laundry room is on the left 
and the bathroom on the right)

BEFORE (just barely): Upstairs hallway with entrance 
to laundry room on right


The plan is to have the future hallway in this space where the laundry room used to be, with an open "gallery" that looks down to the floor below. We're also now thinking to have 2 small bedrooms upstairs along with a large bath/laundry room, and have the "master bedroom" downstairs. But the goal for now is just to clear out the floor completely and then pretty much forget about it. The first floor gets priority when it comes to rebuilding. 

En stein er blitt til to

Ok så vi har tenkt å senke gulvet. Kanskje ett trappetrinn eller noe sånt. Takhøyden før vi begynte å rive var vel et sted rundt 235cm, det føltes ganske lavt. Under gulvet lå det en mengde store steiner, antakelig rester som ble til overs etter at grunnmuren var stilt opp. I tillegg er mange av steinene i grunnmuren så dype at et senket gulv ville måtte støpes inn mot steinene, med andre ord ville det bli en svær kuldebro. Ikke akseptabelt. Steinene må altså kløyves, for å få dem ut, og for å kunne senke gulvet. Tenkte lenge på vinkelsliper eller evt leid steinkutter til å gjøre dette med, men så kom vi over muligheten for å kile steinen i biter på gammelt vis. Dermed ble det innkjøpt kjempedyre steinbor og 10 ganske rimelige kilesett, du ser settene her:
Man borrer en rad med hull dype nok til at kilene får plass, smører fett på kilen, slipper bitene på plass i hullet og dunker lett (overraskende lett) på kilen, og abra kadabra; steinen deles i to! Fantastisk morsomt arbeide. 

 En stein er blitt til to!